ScreeningONE offers a comprehensive suite of screening solutions and we have one of the most extensive networks of records sources in the industry.

ScreeningONE provides a full suite of
pre-employment & drug testing solutions.

  • Criminal Searches
  • Verifications & Interviews
  • Drug Testing
  • Business Services


icon-custom-screening-packages Custom Screening Packages    icon-high-volume-capability High Volume Capability
icon-dedicated-account-team Dedicated Account Team   icon-cusom-reporting Custom Reporting
icon-domestic-global Domestic & Global      

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Unlimited Users

With either system the customer is allowed to add unlimited users. This is superior to most solutions that limit the customer to a set amount of users. To add more users you must pay more.


Unlimited Requisitions

Some systems limit a customer to a set amount of jobs at any given time. Our system allows the customer to have as many jobs as they need active at any given time.


Hiring Manager Access

Our system allows multi-level user access. So with our system you can have security roles that allow and engage the hiring manager so they can be involved in the hiring process. This is important for status on jobs, interviews, etc.


Custom Application Form

Through ApplicantONE’s customer forms module you can modify and change forms right on the fly wihtin the system.


Branding Career Page

ApplicantONE provdes a stand alone career page or one that can be integrated right into your website.


Hiring Collaboration

Our system handles all of the coordination between HR Person, Candidate as well as HR person to upper management or hiring manager.