Comprehensive Screening Solutions Customized for Your Business

Deeper information to make better decisions. Forget one-size-fits-all, we tailor customized solutions by asking all the right questions.

Screening & Tracking

Education and job verification, criminal background checks and more.

Our team of investigative analysts conduct searches and evaluate results to ensure the information that you receive is accurate and useful.

Smart tools designed to streamline your hiring process with full FCRA & ECOA compliance.

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Verifications & Interviews

Easily track and select qualified candidates using the latest technology such as: Video Interviewing, Scoring, Sorting and Filtering, Keyword Searching, & Resume Parsing.

Verification Analysts conduct all verification services via telephone to confirm the accuracy of an applicant’s information.

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Drug Testing

Identify addiction issues before they become organizational problems. Implement ongoing screening, with electronic chain of custody, to decrease downtime, absenteeism and more.

We coordinate secure specimen collection services, laboratory analysis, physician review and detailed reporting of test results for applicants and employees.

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Why ScreeningOne is different

  • Built for you

    We take an approach that is holistic, never piecemeal, to provide clients deeper insight for better decisions.

  • Built for scale

    Serving enterprises of all sizes, in the private and public sectors screening employees, volunteers and more.

  • Built to win

    Our promise is to provide the services you need to play that high-stakes hiring game to win.

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