Deeper Information to Hire Better.

Our proactive approach provides all that you expect. Then we go farther to give you more to hire smarter.


To know what an applicant claims is factual and true.


Robust credit and criminal background checks issues.

Hiring Confidence

By identifying critical issues sooner rather than later.

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Common Sense Benefits – Tangible ROI

  • Elevate the quality of every new hire
  • Improved security and safety
  • Improved retention of talent
  • Enhanced Regulatory Compliance
  • Reduced risks from negligent hiring
  • Reduced substance and alcohol abuse
Better Screening Drives a Healthier Bottom Line

What would your ROI be with ScreeningOne?

From the U.S. Small Business Administration to the U.S. Department of Commerce, there is general agreement that every dollar invested in employment screening pays great benefits: Increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, lower turnover, less theft and embezzlement and decreased employer liability.

ScreeningOne clients see a return on investment of up to 900%.

ROI is estimated at $10 for every dollar invested.

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