The More You Know, The Better You Hire.

Screening is an underutilized facet of talent acquisition. Our services are designed to provide deeper insight into the candidates you recruit, interview, consider and hire. By knowing more, you’ll elevate your hiring success.

Different in the right ways

We take an approach that is holistic, never piecemeal, to provide clients deeper insight for better decisions.

Serving enterprises of all sizes, in the private and public sectors screening employees, volunteers and more.

We understand the stakes

Bad hiring decisions cost time and money, undermine performance, destroy culture and sidetrack careers.

As a family-owned business we may no longer be small, but it will never be our way to act big. We’ve built an amazing team with amazing people and by practicing what we sell. Our promise is to provide the services you need to play that high-stakes hiring game to win.

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Service sets us apart

  • Broader functionality
  • Customized choices
  • Industry-best turn-around
  • Personalized not outsourced
  • Analysts sign every report
What our customers are saying

"I practically begged our client to let us use ScreeningOne over a third party screening vendor. The vendor is nowhere near as efficient and quick as ScreeningOne."

All in one solution

A comprehensive suite of screening solutions

An approach broader in scope, robust, full-featured, managed efficiently, fully compliant and meticulously measured.

Everything is backed by personalized service that will always be in style.

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