screeningONE offers a comprehensive suite of screening solutions and we have one of the largest and most comprehensive networks of records sources in the industry. 

screeningONE provides comprehensive implementation and management of a drug screening program for applicants and employees from its service centers.

Our state-of-the-art software system electronically routes and tracks search requests. This system automatically matches your requests with the records source best positioned to quickly conduct the searches. screeningONE is continually focused on methods and sources to obtain the most accurate data in the most efficient manner, and our data sources are continuously monitored and compared against our quality control program for accuracy, thoroughness, turnaround times and cost.

Criminal Searches

Criminal Record History is checked through a search of court records at the county, state, national, and international levels to locate records of conviction.  Depending on your needs, this can include records at the county, state, national and international levels.  Copies of court documents can also be obtained.
  • County Criminal Records Search
  • All County Criminal Records Search (all counties previous 7 years)
  • Comprehensive County Criminal Records Search
  • Federal Criminal Records Search
  • International Criminal Records Search
  • National Wants & Warrants Search
  • National Criminal Records Search
  • National Sex Offender Registry Search
  • Statewide Criminal Records Search
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Verifications & Interviews

screeningONE provides relevant and objective information regarding potential applicants.  All of our investigative procedures are designed to obtain job-related information from logical and appropriate sources.
  • Education History Verification
  • Employment History Verification
  • Exit Interview
  • I-9 Verification
  • Military History Verification
  • Personal Reference Verification
  • Professional Reference Verification
  • Professional License Verification
  • Third-Party Background Interview
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Drug Testing

The safety and security of employees, customers and assets rank highly as a reason for conducting pre-employment substance abuse testing. Hiring an applicant with a drug problem can result in increased training expense, reduced productivity, and higher turnover – all potentially costly hiring mistakes. Drug testing is an effective tool to reveal substance abuse issues and will provide necessary information to help uncover security and safety concerns before they become issues for your organization.

screeningONE provides comprehensive implementation and management of a drug screening program for applicants and employees from its service centers. screeningONE identifies and coordinates specimen collection services, laboratory analysis, physician review and reporting of test results.

In addition, screeningONE offers eScreen, an automated, web-based drug testing solution that eliminates manual processes and provides negative test results electronically in less than 15 minutes of test completion.  In a tough job market, applicants are looking for rapid responses from employers, and being able to receive test results quickly increases the odds of a client securing its first choice candidates. eScreen Rapid Response is currently available for 5-Panel, non-DOT urine testing.
  • 5- to 10-Panel Drug Test
  • 12-Panel Drug Test
  • DOT 6-Panel Drug Test
  • eScreen Instant Drug Test
  • Alcohol Panel added to Drug Test
  • Breath Alcohol Testing
  • Hair Analysis
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Business Services

screeningONE offers reports to help clients ascertain corporate stability of potential business partners, vendors and providers.
  • Business Credit Report
  • Business Report & Commercial Intelliscore
  • Business Report & Business Owner Profile
  • Business Summary
  • Corporate Records Search
  • International Business Report
  • Fictitious Business Name / DBA Search
  • Public Record Search
  • UCC Search
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Additional Searches

  • Credit Report (Employment, Tenant)
  • County Civil Records Search
  • Federal Civil Records Search
  • Global Terrorist (OFAC) Search
  • Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgments Search
  • OIG/GSA Healthcare Sanctions Search
  • Physical Exam (DOT or NON-DOT)
  • Statewide Motor Vehicle Records Search
  • Statewide Sex Offender Search
  • Social Security Number Trace
  • Workers' Compensation Records Search
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screeningONE offers a comprehensive suite of background screening and candidate management solutions on one platform.

screeningONE provides a full suite of pre-employment and drug testing solutions.
Our easy, affordable and configurable on-demand application boosts productivity by coordinating hiring efforts across your organization.
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