Over the years, ScreeningONE has serviced the unique needs of truck driving schools and carriers across the country. Through our partnerships with carriers and schools, we recognized the need for a management system which automates the enrollment of the students, the financing of their education, their training while in school, and ultimately placement with a carrier. Based on the feedback from our truck driving school and carrier clients, ScreeningONE has designed a best in class school management system, cdlONE. cdlONE is an easy to use, cost effective and customizable on-demand school management system that boosts productivity by automating processes and utilizing paperless handling of critical forms.

Today, for most schools, the majority of their processes are handled manually, through multiple and redundant systems, physical storage of key forms, and a faxed based system for submission of students for financing and placement with carriers. The cdlONE system was designed to eliminate these inefficiencies and to create the industry's first true end-to-end system that will automate all key processes within the school, significantly reduce pushing paper by adopting a paperless system for handling and submitting forms, and creating a central database for storing all key information.

How does cdlONE work?

cdlONE automates each of the 4 key processes within the school:
cdlONE automates the enrollment process by allowing for electronic receipt of applications from students candidates. Once a new application is received, cdlONE will mimic your unique steps to review the application, conduct interviews, run background checks and obtain any additional paperwork or information required.
Once a student has completed his or her training, cdlONE automates the submission of the student's information to the appropriate carriers. Because cdlONE obtains all of the student's information and forms electronically, the system will auto complete the selected carrier's applications and allow the school's placement department to supply any additional forms that are required. With one click, cdlONE will complete the student's application and submit the application to the appropriate carriers electronically.

Coming in Late 2012

The Training module will automate the training process from taking attendance, logging subjects covered, and maintaining exam results.

Coming in Late 2012

The Finance module will automate the running of the credit report through submission of financing applications to the lenders specified by the school.=


  • The cdlONE system enhances consistency by ensuring that the school follows a uniform process on each and every student.
  • cdlONE automates the placement process through our integrations to the carriers selected by the school.
  • The cdlONE system allows for electronic storage of all key information which will allow the school to have a true database for all student information.
  • Through the cdlONE reporting module, the school can run real time reports that allow for better visibility around all processes.
  • Because all of the data is captured and stored electronically in cdlONE, school management and/or faculty can quickly and efficiently query all key data elements.
  • cdlONE allows the school unlimited users. For one monthly rate, you can ensure maximum adoption across your organization by having as many individuals as you choose utilize the system.
  • With cdlONE's unique security model, you can tailor each user's preferences to provide the appropriate level of access.
  • cdlONE is fully configurable to your organization's unique processes - this allows for maximum adoption among users, as we incorporate your current processes, terms and verbiage throughout the application.
  • Internal process logging to enable review and accountability of a user's actions on any student.
  • Dashboard feature allows you to quickly identify log jams in the process and easily measure return on investment.
  • Electronic signatures ensure compliance and save time and paperwork.

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