For Human Resources Professionals who need to simplify and streamline the recruiting and hiring process, applicantONE is an easy, affordable and customizable on-demand application that boosts productivity by coordinating hiring efforts across an organization. Unlike other ATS solutions, applicantONE is completely tailored to each client's business model, corporate branding and culture. applicantONE adheres to our clients' processes and best practices, not vice versa.

Simple. Affordable. Customizable.

applicantONE is a recruiting system for that is designed to truly be your Applicant Tracking System. We've made the application flexible enough so that it can be molded to your hiring processes. This means that you define the process, and we tailor our program to your company's particular needs.  applicantONE is created for your business model – not the other way around.

While developing a totally configurable application, we've also made sure that the program is powerful enough to provide real-time reporting, so you can measure the effectiveness of the hiring process and the organizational return on investment.

With applicantONE, your job becomes easier as hiring efforts are coordinated and streamlined across your organization. The system forces your hiring managers and recruiters to follow the same steps so you have a repeatable and consistent recruitment process.

applicantONE allows you to have unlimited users. That means no more juggling of user licenses. You can ensure maximum adoption across your organization by having as many individuals as possible utilize the system. With applicantONE's unique security model, you can tailor each user's preferences to provide the appropriate level of access. By delivering a custom applicant tracking system, we have created a best in class solution that will curb the training time of your staff, boost productivity and increase the effectiveness of your recruiting process, thus providing a measurable return on investment.

What Makes applicantONE different?
  • applicantONE is designed to be YOUR Applicant Tracking System
    • We replicate your forms and hiring procedures to give you a system tailored to your recruiting process
    • We set up your requisition and application forms in the system and customize them with the information as you need it
    • We set up the system according to your internal hiring workflow
    • We customize the career website to match your corporate branding
  • Unlimited user access allows for collaboration between hiring managers and human resources department
  • Internal process logging to track users actions on each requisition
  • Direct integration with screeningONE's system allows you to seamlessly order and receive background and drug screening services as part of your hiring process
  • No more clunky integrations between two different providers and costly fees to integrate your ATS and background screening system
  • One customer service team for both your ATS and background screening needs
  • applicantONE cuts down on manual data entry by integrating your career page, hiring process, background screening, drug testing and on-boarding
  • One unique, easy to use interface allows visibility directly into all of your systems - with applicantONE you have visibility over your hiring process, personality profiling, drug testing, background screening and billing access
  • Most ATS solutions redirect the applicant from your career page to another website in order to view and apply to open positions.  With applicantONE, your open positions and application process reside on your own website. There are no outside websites or page redirects.  This also ensures that your career page is consistent with your website branding. Should your company's branding ever change, you don't have to worry about additional fees to update your career page.

Key Features:
  • Company-branded site enhances your corporate image while allowing candidates to easily apply for open positions
  • Simple, easy to use interface assures maximum adoption across your organization
  • Consistent application process ensures that each applicant provides information relevant to the job requisition
  • Custom forms module allows you to quickly and easily build forms for use in your hiring process
  • All applicant information is stored in one easy to access database
  • Dashboard feature allows you to quickly identify log jams in the process and easily measure return on investment
  • Increased communication with candidates through integrated calendar and messaging systems
  • Electronic signatures ensure compliance and save time and paperwork
  • Sorting capabilities allow you to quickly evaluate candidates and pinpoint the best talent
  • Archiving resources and enhanced search capabilities allow you to categorize and store past applicants and quickly retrieve information for future requisitions
  • System-controlled approval steps and customized evaluations ensure consistent review of each candidate from all appropriate parties

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screeningONE offers a comprehensive suite of background screening and candidate management solutions on one platform.

screeningONE provides a full suite of pre-employment and drug testing solutions.
Our easy, affordable and configurable on-demand application boosts productivity by coordinating hiring efforts across your organization.
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